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Other Links of Interest

The Internet is a great information source, and this is especially true for medical information. We list below a few of the web sites you might wish to visit to learn more about modern medicine or specific conditions.

But, please be reminded that individual circumstances and situations will result in a wide variance in how any medical condition or illness may impact one person versus someone else. There can also be a dramatic variation in the manner specific medications will assist one person - but not another. It is therefore suggested that you discuss anything you might find listed as medical information on the Internet with your medical professional to assure that the information accurately relates to the situation or illness at hand.

American Cancer Society

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association

American Medical Association

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention - Traveler's Health

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services

Mediline Plus (informational search site)

U.S. Government Medicare Web Site

Web MD

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